we contribute to social change…

“ …empowering
tomorrow’s business leaders
lies in taking a
holistic approach
in their development"

Let's make a meaningful impact

TLP Services provides entrepreneurship training and development programmes for women, youth and organisations seeking to make a meaningful impact in society through small business development and social entrepreneurship.

TLP Services was established specifically to contribute to social development in South Africa and the African continent through entrepreneurship development. We help entrepreneurs to unlock their business potential through practitioner-led peer exchange learning.

Who We Are

Our Inspiration

We believe that South Africa and our African continent will enjoy sustained economic growth when tomorrow’s business leaders understand the value they bring to the economy. Young leaders often need to be reminded of their incredible value and potential. To reap the dividend from our youth, we must invest in them. At TLP Services, we are contributing towards this through our enterprise learning and development programmes.

Our Approach

We believe that during the learning process, the essence to empowering tomorrow’s business leaders lies in taking a holistic approach in their development. This entails helping individuals to not only concentrate on entrepreneurial skills development, but to also help them grow their leadership skills, identify their personal strengths, and live their passion and values. This will enable them to contribute meaningfully to their local communities, their countries and the continent.

Our Values

  • Transparency – Honesty is the foundation of all our values
  • Excellence – We believe in quality service delivery
  • Reliability – We are dependable
  • Service-orientation – We believe when we act with servitude, we can change the world